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    monitors and speakers are very fickle anyway, many times i can hear interferance from my tv remote on my speakers and such, its radio radiation in any case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chiuc
    I post this earlier. Some how, it's erased. Hope it was just a glitch

    To see Treo 600 radiation effect yourself
    - Sit next to PC & monitor with both on (I have Dell/Trinitron)
    - Hold your Treo next to monitor within 0.5 inch (I hold on right side)
    - Make call without moving Treo
    - Your screen is now showing the radiation interference

    Do the same with GPRS connect. The effect is much worse.

    No censor please. Public health info only.
    i agree with you.. i just bought my new treo 600 yesterday and after i play with my phone for like 5 minutes i started feeling my eyes are hurting...
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    Ya know, years back there were many active discussions on topics such as global warming and ozone depletion. There were plenty of seemingly intelligent people espousing their opinions on how ozone depletion was a myth and it was normal cyclic changing of the atmosphere. There are always knowledgeable people with well thought out reasons on why something is not what you think or cannot be dangerous because... The truth of the matter is that we are destroying the ozone at alarming rates as detected by the measurment of chlorine monoxide gas in the atmosphere which is non-naturally occuring and is the result of the destruction of ozone by chloro-fluorocarbons.
    What is my point? It does not have to do with ozone depeletion, global warming or how much money the government spends measuring methane emissions from cows.

    20 years ago approximately 1 child in 200,000 was born with autism. Today the number is 1 child in 200. The number of children with ashtma or other allergy or respiratory problems has increased more than 40% since the 1970's.
    Cancer rates are on the rise. Young girls are entering puberty as much as 5 years earlier than they used to with an average of 2 years earlier (4 years for African American girls).
    Where do all of these health related problems come from? No, I am not blaming cell phones but we do have to stop and consider.
    The argument that "There has not been 1 incident of any health related problems associated with cell phone usage." is naive at best. While it MAY be true (though I have heard reports to the contrary) it is important to recognize that just because something cannot YET be proven does not make it untrue.
    We do not know what the effect of long and short wave radiation ultimately has on the body in short or long term exposure. It would seem there has been little effect so far but the effect is not always so direct. Perhaps the low or high frequency energies can stimulate an area of the body into reducing or increasing a certain enzyme production or helps to suppress neurotransmitter performance. The effect can be extremely varied in people and hard to tie to a single source. We cannot say absolutely that it is SAFE to be exposed to any form of radiation, we can only say that we have no evidence to directly support that it is UNsafe.

    It took 25 years for doctors to finally agree than an inert material such as silicone could possibly cause health problems for women with breast implants.
    Let's try and keep our minds open about potential risk and not lean towards the notion that just because it has not been proven means it is not dangerous.
    On the other hand, let's not go overboard and start banning things because we THINK it may be dangerous.

    Scientists have discovered that some birth defects are a result of combined effects of various pesticides that alone seem to be safe but when mixed through the water table or the consuption of treated foods can cause damage to developing tissue. It was just chance that they discovered the combination of chemicals andsequence of events needed to cause the issue and prior to that the popular opinion was that everything in use was safe.

    Cell phones and gas station fires? Did you know that the overwhelming majority of those fires were caused by women? The current thought is that women are statistically far more likely to get back into the car and out again while filling the gas tank and this generates static electricity that is discharged as they reach for the gas nozzle in the already open gas door that is pumping out displaced fuel vapors while the gas pours in.

    My point is, there is much to be concerned about in our society and if we bend to the notion that there is nothing to be concerned about because we have never seen proof that something can be dangerous then we will not take the time necessary to properly investigate and understand the cause/effect relationships that are hurting us.
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