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    I'm trying to find the best diet & exercise software. I'm considering Diet & Exercise Assistant
    and's BalanceLog. I'm sure there are others ( comes to mind) that I haven't researched in some time. Any opinions which are best? Anyone know of other's I should check out? Pros/Cons of them anyone?
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    I have been using Calorie King for the past 6 months. They have over 15k foods in the database, plus you can customize you own food groups. I lost 26 lbs so far. The other applications either do not have enough food in the database or they are not accurate. Calorie King updates the food database once a week. It is very easy to navigate and track both diet and exercise. I tried several and they do not come close the features calorie king offers. Their website is Too many good things to list here.
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    I have tried Calorie King, but EVERY time Snappermail tries to do an Auto-fetch, my Treo resets. There's a major conflict here that I couldn't resolve. At least the problem is consistent.
    I am currently using NutriCounter at It's a bit more elegant but doesn't have the charting capabilities. Take a look.
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    If you have a data connection, you can just log into I keep track of all my activities, food, weight, etc right online for free.
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    I find that the hacker diet software works well, and the book is useful too:
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    Check out the free nutrition database software form the USDA (Yup, for your palm!)

    USDA National Nutrient Database

    I use it to look up info on the road.

    CK is pretty good, too, just costs about $20 more.

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    BalanceLog is good but it crashed my Treo. HealtheTech indicated in an e-mail to me (not posted on their website in a FAQ) that they do not support Treo at this time.
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    I've been using Diet & Exercise Assistant for 2 weeks now. It does everything I need, so far, and it's intuitive. You can edit, add, search, ect. Let us know what you go with.

    edit: eep. just noted the original message date. ah well.

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