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    Is there any way to get the built-in email program to accept .zip files as attachments. I've tried sending a ZIP file to a Yahoo account and accessed the email using POP3, but was not able to see the attachment.

    My apologies if this has already been covered in another thread, and thanks for your assistance.
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    You need an app that supports zip files on you palm like Handzipper or LightNzip. I believe the former is bundled free with Snappermail. You can save a zip via snapper to the card and then unzip/open it with the above apps. I personally use LightNzip and it works flawlessly...
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    Nice beach photo

    I have installed HandZipper.
    So I open up the Treo email application and view the email that I sent myself (with a .ZIP attachment) and I can see the html text attachment, but not the .zip file attachment.

    When I send myself .jpgs and such, those do appear.

    OK - I just tried sending another email from another address with a .ZIP and THAT did seem to work.

    So, I am up and running - THANKS!
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    You've outdone yourself. I think this one should be you new Avatar.
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