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    Hmmmm. I didn't see this forum till I posted on the other. I just uninstalled, removed all the "ghosts" legacies orphans, etc., and reinstalled the latest b beta version. Still cannot send a damned thing even though when I had snapper mail installed right alongside it, I could send via snapper with ease. I wish I knew--or you knew--what this was all about. This thing just won't send for's been sending the same email for the past fifteen minutes with all hope exhausted. I no longer get that crazy message about password, etc., when I reset the server...but that's kind of dim praise at this moment. I want this program to work for me so much...but so far I need another program to send. That sucks! Any suggestions?
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    Any chance this can run on a 270?
    I've installed it, but everytime I try and run the program, it gives a fatal exception.
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    It crashed my treo all the time (even on experiment when I hard reset the treo and only installed Chatter) until I set my inbox to "Fewer Folders"- the thing was trying to get my entire exchange structure, which includes a lot of public folders etc. Then it worked beautifully.

    And it's pretty light on the battery too.
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    Mark, I have what I hope is not a dumb question about this software: does the incoming and outgoing mail get routed through any servers other than the user's IMAP server in order to get pushed?
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    Success...of a last. I had to pay (one time fee only, so it wasn't that bad) for a fastmail account. Apparently not all smtp servers work, even if you are on it and it works with other apps (like Snapper). I found fastmail works with chatter, so I paid for the account and within seconds it was up and running. For a one time fee of $15 it wasn't really a terrible price, but technologically I found it dumbfounding...but I guess I'm a happy TreoCamper...unless I start wondering again why I couldn't get it to work at Earthlink, or even Sprintpcs, both of which I have SMTP accounts on....whats THAT all about?
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    Here's a weird on. I have an old test machine running Windows NT and Exchange 5.5. I know it's old but it works well for playing with email apps and managing my personal email. In any case, last night Chatter caused the STORE.EXE on my server to crash... it happened every timeb it attempted to "sync" mail. Very strange. I have managed to figure out that if my Verichat is signed in and set to remain logged in, either with the DATA function or the SMS function, Chatter crashed my Exchange.... If I log out of Verichat, everything works fine...

    Not terribly concerned about it. Just thought I would mention it in case it is a sign of a deeper incompatibility.
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    I noticed that available RAM drops from 8.9 down to 7.9 when Chatter is activated. I only keep a few emails on the Treo - so this space isn't my msg storage. Does a meg sound normal (realizing that Chatter is running in the background)?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeSam
    Mark, I have what I hope is not a dumb question about this software: does the incoming and outgoing mail get routed through any servers other than the user's IMAP server in order to get pushed?
    Nope; it's just you and your IMAP server(s). No desktop redirector either.

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    Chatter doesn't use anywhere near that much RAM when running, though I don't know the exact number (and it varies depending on number of folders, etc.)

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    Well, the available RAM definately drops by .8 to 1 Mb when I start Chatter. Is there any debug logging that might shed light on what is taking up resources? I only have around 6 folders or so online (2 - 3 offline).
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    So far the program is great!! I have also found that it uses almost 1mb when active.
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    Interesting note: If the Treo is Locked, when an e-mail is received, you are able to view it (scroll up/down with 5-way) without entering the security password. Once OK is tapped, you must enter security password.
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    Hmm ... well, you all can't be wrong (as much as I'd prefer it ). I'll check into it.

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    My available ram drops from 5.20 to 4.73 M when I activate Chatter (0.47M)
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    Mine is working pretty well. Sometimes, i get a random rest when starting it as well. I can't explain it - but it happens about once a day. It doesn't bother me too muc, however.

    2 simple things I think would make it more user friendly.
    1.) When you hit the "new" button - it should start in the "TO" section. It makes it easier to navigate if you are using the 5-way button. Also remembering the last 10 sent like the built in SMS application does.

    2.)The ability to send with one button, or very limited button pushes.

    I still think it is great!

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    Two issues with beta 3.

    1. [Previously posted in the thread about the b3 release, which apparently is not being monitored] My date/time display in mailbox view is behaving strangely. Messages from today show only the date. Messages from yesterday show only the time, e.g. 15:34. Messages from previous days show only the day-of-week, e.g., Wed.
    Note that this is the opposite of what one would expect, i.e. today's messages showing the time and yesterday's the date. My display prefs are set to GMT -4, to get to Eastern Daylight Time.

    2. I have set the sort sequence to date, reversed, i.e. the newest message is at the top of the list. However, every time I open the program it positions itself to the bottom of the list, at the oldest message, and I have to scroll all the way back up through a hundred messages. I think the record cursor should always at the newest message, regardless of which way the list is sorted.
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    avidal - Option-Return sends messages...

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    tangible - I don't know what's up with the date/time thing. Is your clock correct? Is the time zone set correctly?

    Regarding sorting, you're right. "Reverse" (from what it normally does) sorting really isn't implemented yet.

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    Hi Mark,

    Does Chatter EMail support multiple POP3 servers?

    BTW, I think your download link is broken!
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    mr-gadgets: Sorry, no POP3. It's a horrific throwback to the days when dinosaurs ruled the earth.
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