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    I've always been able to get decent pictures, particularly, with bright natural light but these pics surprised the heck out of me. Those Indy cars are traveling at 200+ mph when I took these! This was at the Kentucky speedway over the weekend. Inside shots with dim lighting are still not good though.
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    they can take OK pictures.. This prop is turning 2500 RPM and the treo framerate cant keep up with it. was taken 2 days ago in piper aerostar 601p
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    ^ wow! that's gorgeous!
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    Why do your pictures look so good and mine look like this?

    I Pickem (1.0) set to a Quality Level of 90 and Brightcam (4b19) enabled. ANY help is appreciated.

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    That plane picture is the weirdest thing I've ever seen!
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    I think you are too far from your subject.

    If you look at those great pics from BP57 and RaziX, the background are about as fuzzy as yours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JSalviati
    Why do your pictures look so good and mine look like this?

    I Pickem (1.0) set to a Quality Level of 90 and Brightcam (4b19) enabled. ANY help is appreciated.


    Brightcam has nothing to do with picture quality, it uses the camera to brighten the display backlight of the phone while in any application. Again nothing to do with brightness of pictures taken.
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    Lighting is really the key. This picture isn't exciting, but the quality is good - and the blue is a reflection of the sky, not from the infamous blue-tint of the Treo.
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    I have Qset set to 99 (or Pickem, whichever you prefer), and in bright light/outdoors, the Treo cam can take decent pics. It's all dependent on the amount of light saturation from my experience. With enough skill, you can take some pretty nice pics with the camera...
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    I find patience helps a lot...just keep holding your camera on the subject...sometimes for as much as a minute or two before pressing capture..and the Treo will slowly adjust its colors and brightness. The results are OK...but never fantastic.
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    Guess you can just call me picky since I'm a graphic designer, but I have yet to see any pictures from the treo that look good. I got rid of my first digital camera (a 1.3 megapixel fuji) because the pics were such low quality, and the treo can't even come close to those. I like to just think of the treo's camera as a novelty item that's good for occasional snaps you don't intend to actually do anything with, and that's about it. It will be a loooong time before something like a phone will be able to take quality images.
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    When I first got my Treo 600, I thought that the camera was pretty worthless.

    Now I wish it was a 2 megapixel camera! I've found that it's nice to be able to take quick snapshots.

    I've attached a photo I took this summer. (And that was before I started using Qset to enhance my photos.)
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    This may be a bit off topic, I wouldn't call the camera worthless. I suppose it depends on what you use the camera for. I use it to take quick pictures of things I normally would write down. Such as recipes in magazines, phone numbers posted on someone's car for sale, weird stuff that no one would believe unless they saw it with there own eyes type of stuff, etc etc, you get the idea.

    As far as picture quality, it does fall way short of even the cheapest digital cameras out today. For good quality pics I use my Canon digital cameras.
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    Hey.......get over it guys.

    It wasn't designed to be the be all to end all. Did I say that right?

    It's just a nice addon that you can use at a moments notice to snap a quick pic when your out and about.

    If you want better pictures buy a digital camera which was designed for this.
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    Here's another I took yesterday. Plenty of outdoor light, though not direct sunlight (very cloudy in Seattle yesterday)...
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