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    I just installed the 1.2 update after putting it off for awhile due to skepticism. As it turns out, it was well founded. Since the update, I can no longer dim the screen. Even worse, my right nav button doesn't work! Over the past few months, I've learned to not use the stylus - heck I haven't seen my stylus for awhile now, lost it and didnt care. However, without being able to use the right nav key, it's all but useless

    Great update PalmOne.

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    Welcome to the club! <G> Time for you to go see your buddies at the Sprint store ... (good luck)
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    Sorry you had bad luck. I'm still a hold-out. I have my original T6 from Oct '03. The only way I'll get 1.2 is with a replacement phone.
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    Well, I finally got my wish. My camera crapped out on me and got a replacement Treo 600 with the firmware update.

    So now I've added SoundRec
    I've been playing with Treo Mail (free w/my plan, I think). I currently use InBox to Go. (cost about $45/yr)

    Used the restore function from BackUpMan on the new device.

    All is well
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    Former Treo & Storm Owner
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