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    If you have been haning around this board for a while, then I am sure you have come across dicussions of various call filtering programs including CallFilter. When it was first released there was a lot of complaints regarding it's price: $30 I think...

    Well, for those of you who shelled out $179.00 for the Jabra Freespeak only to find that it did not quite work right with your Treo 600... CallFilter fixes it.

    I did not beleive it... I just tested it... it's great!

    PLUS: It does a WHOLE lot more...

    CallFilter Thread
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    It's true, I did the test and verified and posted what I did at the end of the thread linked above. Thanks for the heads up.
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    did you all came across a problem using callfilter where the t600 stopped getting calls? I did and when I read the text on it said t600 has a bug that would at times would prevent the phone from ringing... had to delet my callfilter...
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    I have not seen this issue... works great here. Sorry.


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