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    I am using the email client that came with the latest Sprint upgrade. I have ver 6 of Docs to Go. When I receive an email with an attachment there is a Docs to Go icon next to the file name. But when I click on the filename, I get an error message "Application Missing" "The application to open this type of document could not be found". I thought that ver 6 of Docs to Go would open native Excel and Word documents. I've also tried to open the attachments from Docs to Go, but it's search feature doesn't find them.

    Any ideas?

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    I have a Sprint Treo and didn't know it came with an e-mail client. What is the name of the client. I am using Snappermail as my client with ver 6 Docs to Go with no trouble.

    When I first set it up, I do recall a problem due to the Sprint machine coming with a stripped down version of Docs to Go and I had to do something to get ver 6 to function properly. Try the Dataviz support site. After you due 2 searches of their database, you can post a note to them. I have found their support to be very good.

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