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    I just got my hands on a retractable Zip-Linq earbud headset specifically designed for the Treo 270 (ZIP-CELL-HF3) priced less than $10, and it turns out to work seemlessly with the Treo 600:

    I was encouraged by folks that had found their old Treo 270 headsets were able to listen to music and talk on the phone without any need for additional adapters or switches, and now I have found the Zip-Linq product works just as well. The plug fits snuggly, phone calls interrupt/ring on the headset even while listening to music, and I really enjoy not having tangled cables with the retractable Zip-Linq design. The only downside for some users will be that the music sound quality is not ideal (minimal bass output), but then again this is just an earbud anyway, so it's better for users who want to listen to the occasional music file without having to carry anything beyond a phone headset.
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    And it works even though it is for a Nokia phone?
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    I wouldn't call that an alternative since its not even stereo. Also, since you say music will play through it, that means its actually using the micrphone on the Treo, not the one on the wire.
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    I use the Seidio 2 in 1 headset , retractable headset. They work pretty well, along with the integrated mic for the "phone" mode (hands free mode). I have been pretty satisfied with them, but being a bass fanatic I was contemplating one of THESE along with a suitable pair of earphones that'll clear up the bass distortion.
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    it's not an alternative. it's not stereo
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    I have the Seido Head Set...Practical Sounds, even when a Call comes in (just slide the button over)...I got mine on EBAY

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