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    I am considering the purchase of a Treo 600 for use with Cingular. I am used to using a Blackberry and am wondering if the Treo will do an adequate of job of replacing it. My understanding is the Treo must poll for email rather than having it pushed to it. Is there a way to have Cingular or some other email service send an SMS alerting me of a new email rather than having to wait for the poll to occur.

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    Chatter Email does true push email if you have an IMAP account that handles the IDLE command. Without the IDLE command, Chatter will poll at user-settable intervals.

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    The short answer to your question is yes. Will the Treo do an adequate job of replacing a blackberry? Yes, adequate being the key word. It's definetly not the same thing though.

    There are several e-mail solutions available for the Treo. Many of them are listed on the Palm one web site:

    This page on the Palm One web site lists some of the options for e-mail. (Both business and personal.)

    Also, Snapper Mail has an auto-fetch setting which allows to you check for new mail and whatever interval you select.
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    The most important thing I learned from my 1 week experience with a Treo 600 and Cingular (I've since returned it and cancelled Cingular service and have gone with Verizon and their Treo 600) is that they do not offer a desktop redirector with any of their data packages (even the 39.99 unlimited PDA package). And they are extremely lacking in their technical support and knowledge of the device and its services. They also sold me a 19.99 unlimited data plan called Media Works and then took it away because they decided its not allowed for the Treo anymore. You can purchase enterprise software from Cingular for installation and support on your corporate mail server (ie exchange/ Outlook, Notes) by your IT group for hundreds of dollars but otherwise your out of luck. My company also does not allow POP3 or IMAP so snapper, chatter and the others would not work.

    I did trial Visto message express (99.00/ year) and it worked fine with Cingular service but it is very limited (email forwarding and responding to meeting requests only) and its not a push solution like the Blackberry (you poll for updates at timed intervals vs. having them sent immediate and automatically). Add the Visto cost to the Cingular 39.99 unlimited data plan and you are paying almost 50.00 a month for data only. The highest $$$ out there for very limited and unsupported service (Cingular cant help you if Visto goes under or discontinues service, etc.). Hope this helps.
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    Try Aileron it will solve your issue visit

    Hope this helps....


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