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    Hello there, Please help me in my search for a replacement screen for my treo 270 Mobile phone. I have a dead spot on the screen, about 1 cm in diameter, and I donno what the problem could be due to.
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    When you say dead spot, is the screen cracked or are there "dead pixels" ?
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    Cheaper and easier to replace the phone. Go eBay.
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    No Damage, just a bright yellow spot.
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    I have a good LCD from a Treo 300, it's same screen for the 270 to the best of my knowledge. If you send your 270 to me I can replace the LCD for you. I've done a few of these including one for Kramsauer's T600. See this thread
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    That is most challenging thing to do. I live in India. I am not sure if this can be shipped to & from in one piece....
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    Thanks to Casper!!. My treo is back... The display problem is solved.
    Thanks Allan!!!

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