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    Any recommendations on this card?
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    I think the card is a good one. It's a standard brand name. Can you recommend the store at all? If so, I'm getting one.
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    I haven't dealt with the store personally, but a guy at the local MicroCenter store swears by them. If people give the card a thumbs up, I'll probably pick up one for myself and another for my wife.
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    The rebate form says that is valid from August 1st to August 14th.
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    Previously GoogleGear. Resellerrating looks good. Moot point if the rebate has expired. :-(
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    The rebate was extended until the end of the month as this link notes:
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    Cool. Buying one now. Thanks for the heads up. This is a great deal.
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    ZipZoomFly has been pretty good in my experience, with many orders.

    (PS: I hate rebates!)
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    I thought I remember reading about how slow these Kingston cards are. I'll have to do a search, but can anyone who has used one comment on the speed vs a Lexar/SanDisk 256?
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    bring the price down to $50. This is too tempting to pass up. Any comments on the speed please?
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    I've seen in several posts that Kingston's Ultra 512 card is supposed to be much faster. How likely am I to notice the difference? In what situations and using what apps?

    The price of the regular 512 card is hard to beat, but I don't want to be hating life later.
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    What do you use your SD for? It will be noticibly snappier in saving pics to it and saving other files to it on your Treo, but this most like won't sell the average user. Where it comes apparent is when you're loading large files on and off of it through a card reader, and most importantly when you want to record/playback high quality audio/video on it.

    The faster the card the higher quality audio and video you can record - this can be important if this is a feature you really want to use.
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    based on reliability, speed, performance (don't weigh money too much) which would you buy.

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