This would be an excellent solution for those wanting streaming TV on their Treo 600 or Palm compatabe device with a network connection. All we need is a functioning version of the RTSP protocol on MMPLAYER( which is in their plan supposedly). Once that is avaiable you can use an Apple Macintosh g4 / g5 with a video digitizing or TIVO like hardware to stream any channel you wish through Quicktime broadcaster(free) and the Darwin streaming server(free)... now that would be cool.

Maybe even change channels from your Treo via a HTTP web interface that communicates to Applescripts(or terminal) to the hardware connected to your system. Ofcourse you would need a static IP address to host off of a home system and that can cost $80-150 per month, but with all the other capabilities you could have in addition... its well worth the price.