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    A vague topic but I want to know if anybody has had much success getting Interactive Fiction titles to work on their Treo 600. I'm talking about things like Infocom adventures, Zork, Scott Adams Adventures, etc

    I have managed to download and install Kronos 1.4.2 and installed a few Scott Adams adventures they work with some minor bugs.

    Also interested if graphic adventures like LucasArts SCUMM games like Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle etc.

    From the latest ScummVM for Palm they say they only support High Res 320x320 so I guess they don't work with Treo but I didn't try it.

    Anybody else interested?
    What have you got to work?

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    PalmFrotz works great for Infocom games. There's a lot of new games that fans write available as well.
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    Just reposting because the excellent replies by Insyte (I believe) were lost in the forum crash.

    Seems to be a better choice than Kronos. I have run some of the Scott Adams & Infocom adventures and they work quite well. Some text runs off the page to the right and there is no way to scroll but so not perfect.

    There are a huge variety of free titles like this that will run on the Treo visit this place for more.


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