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    I once gave up on the built-in camera as nothing but useless toy. Due to its severe poor quality (not number of pixels, but ranges of other issues).

    While it is still true for the most part, I recently ran into a piece of software that did one and only one thing: remove the blue noise from the picture. That functionality alone has made the picture quality a lot better.

    This piece software gave me new glimpse of hope.

    Because both hardware and software aspect of the built-in camera is so poor, there bounds to be room for improvement. We can't do much about the hardware (much of the fault lies on the poor quality of the CMOS sensor), but we could do something about the software.

    I would like to know if any of you heard any effort, or if you are a hacker, planning on, write/rewrite camera application on Treo 600? There are a lot of room for improvements, but two stands out:
    1. manual control for exposure compensation
    (-2 to +2)
    2. manual control for white balancing
    (just three pre-defined color temperature, such as "daylight, tungsten, florensent would go a long way).

    What do you guys think? or you guys gave up on using this camera?

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    so what was the software u found to be of benefit?
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    Quote Originally Posted by motor
    so what was the software u found to be of benefit?
    I don't know what kngharv's mystery software was, but you could try Pickem.
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    can i fix the camera quality on my treo600???
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    yah. there are few software tweaks u could use. this is one
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    I was talking about Pickem.

    Pickem wasn't designed to improve the picture quality. But the hacker who wrote that cool software decided that he want to get rid of blue noise. That alone improved the picture quality.

    What I wanted is something that can manually adjust exposure compensation and color temperature. and that software doesn't exist yet.

    I wish I have the capability to write the software. But I am not smart enough to be a hacker. The intention for my post is to rally people's interest on improving the picture quity of the camera, and hoping one of them is good enough to write it

    What do you guys think?

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    have you tried CameraTest?
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    or brightcam
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    Why is that so many people think 'brightcam' has anything to do with taking pictures?
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    I'd love to be able to tweak the camera live for adjusted reshoots. Combine "Pickem" with "CameraTest" and a usable GUI. So I'd shoot a pic, look at the image, and adjust various camera parameters with the T600 buttons. Those adjustments would change the preview picture, until it looked acceptable. Then I'd shoot another pic with those settings applied to the camera. The next pic would apply the tweaks at the image sensor, so the sensitivity of the sensor itself would deliver better data in the next pic, which would produce better pics than just retouching the image off the inaccurately adjusted sensor.

    Applying these tweaks to the "live" preview would be even better, but that changing preview image might not be steady enough to concentrate on "prefixing" it for another shot. The key will be in exposing the sensor parameters to intuitively usable button presses, rather than editing numbers in prefs fields with the keypad. Certain named picture scenarios could be stored, and retrieved later when similar shooting conditions are present.

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    My problem with Pickem is it's seemed to permanantly given all my pictures a yellow hue even after uninstalling it and hard resetting the phone.
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    also, pickem doesn't support saving to MEMORY CARD
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    Quote Originally Posted by ufo8mycat

    can i fix the camera quality on my treo600???
    Instaling Brightcam will improve battery usage given it automaticly controls the screen brilliance and keyboard brilliance through sampling the light from the built in camera.

    Installing PICKEM will improve the camera. Pickem has QSET as part of it's installation. You can set the picture quality to 90 using this feature. PICKEM reduces the blue sparkle around the outside of pictures and has the added bonus of providing a zoom feature by pressing z on your keyboard.
    Their are a few other inbuilt features but these make te most difference.

    Install both and improve the way you use your Palm.
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    i think pickem is a GREAT program

    but some one has to fix the GUI a bit
    i just want it to SAVE the picture right away, not have a preview, then having to confirm to save it
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    I'm also a huge fan of Pickem - it's unbelievable how much higher in quality the photos get with the Qset on its highest setting (and higher in memory too, be warned - from 50k in size to a whopping 280). Plus, the hype is correct - Pickem DOES get rid of the blue dots, provided that you give the software an extra five to ten seconds to adjust to the low-light situation. MATT: Yeah, I'd love those things too. But my Treo already cost 500 bucks even without these features - can you even IMAGINE how d*** much Handspring would've charged if it did have them?

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