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    When I first came across the MPx200 smartphone, one of the neatest features I read about, was the option to silence all the sounds during scheduled meetings. I searched the forum here for info to see if people were doing this with the Treo 600, but only came across this older thread:

    I'm curious if this can be accomplished today? (not using the workaround method mentioned in the above thread however.)

    Disclaimer: I don't actually receive my Treo 600 until tomorrow (8/16/04) when UPS finally delivers it, so I have no idea if this can already be done or not
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    Turn sound off-use switch on top of phone
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    simple enough.

    maybe I should've waited 'till Tuesday to ask (or not ask in this case, hehe.)
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    There is an app called Soundoff that has been released recently that gives you control of the ringer. I haven't tried it yet, but apparently it does some useful things. I don't think it's tied in any way to the built-in calendar, and I don't know any app that does this for the Treo. There's been quite a bit of discussion about it in these forums about it, so try a search for Soundoff. There's also an app called Phone Technician that among some other neat things (e.g. MP3 ringers) allows you to schedule ringer on/off times. You might take a look at that.

    In spite of the flip answer about just turning off the phone, this is a common problem. I am always either forgetting or almost forgetting to turn off the phone at the start of a meeting, church, etc., and/or then forgetting to turn it back on for hours afterward.
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    There is an older application SoundManager that almost does exactly what you want (using Calendar entries to silence alerts). The problem is that it doesnt affect the newer settings under "Sounds" preferences which includes the ringer etc. It only affect the "General" settings, which is almost worthless on a Treo. Please email the SoundManager author and ask him/her to update it for the Treo!
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