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    I bought my treo 600 for use as a pager/organizer/phone. I am now learning that I can use it for many other applications including music. I have had some technical problems with my 3/32 - 1/8 adapter and music going back and forth from headphones to the speaker. Can someone please provide some ideas of the best setup ardware/software for using the treo for music? I have read a thread about technical issues with using a direct line into my car stereo and home stereo, what is the best setup for this?
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    It kinda depends how you're planning on listening to your music. Me personally, I have a cassette adapter in my car stereo that I connect to my Treo via a cheap little adapter plug that I purchased for a couple bucks on eBay. Other adapters for this purpose are available from Radio Shack but from what I understand you need to shave-down the plastic part that connects to the Treo.

    If headphones are your thing, consider the new headset available from Seidio that allows you to switch quickly from music to phone mode.

    Hope this helps!

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    Do you use pocket tunes? Is there better software?

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