View Poll Results: Are You Dependant of the Speed Dial?!

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  • Yes! I'm lost without Speed-Dial or my contacts info!

    48 92.31%
  • Nah..not a crisis for me..I remember everyone's phone number

    4 7.69%
  • What is a speed-dial or contacts book?!

    0 0%
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    i do both a few numbers like the parent & good friends & letters for other numbers like pizza hut

    p.s. JOJO...78, u dont look 78
    ohio state SUCKS!! & michigan state will never measure up!
    p.s. lakers SUCK too!! GO PISTONS!!
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    I don't know my mom's number offhand either... but I have an excuse, she recently changed it!

    Problem is I still have the old one in my speed-dial LOL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MiWolverine96
    p.s. JOJO...78, u dont look 78
    Date of birth dear
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    Contacts almost aways for me. A few speed dial calls.

    I can't remember how to call up the dial pad on the Treo. I'm sure there's a way to punch in a phone number... give me a minute, I'll remember.
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