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    excuse me if this has been answered, but what happens in a week or so when my beta 2.0 expires? do we re-load the old version if the 2.0 isn't released yet? thanks in advance....
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    you either buy 2.0 as beta, or if you are a registered user, sign in and download the 1.9 version. Or wait until tomorrow and try Chatter Mail beta will be out.
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    I bought it when it became available for purchase. Within a matter of hours I had determined its value to me and I am sure, that is the case with most. The free ride for 60 days was not needed for me. Ben
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    thanks guys, fully registered now. looking forward to the official release of 2.0 . bill
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    I too had to purchase the beta when it expired since the final is yet to be released.
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