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    strange, works for me. Does it work if you try sending the SMS from another phone or from your email acct?
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    msafe saved my data twice, accidentally left my treo at a shop and a restaurant. I have to admit that the moment I realised that I had left my Treo, I was more scared about my data being stolen then the phone itself..sure the phone cost a lot but the data is invaluable. Fortunately I had msafe installed and all I did was send a SMS message to get it locked and a confirmation message was sent by my treo. One of the sales person gave me a call (I have the owner detail set and msafe display this information when the treo is locked) and I rushed back and sure enought she handed me back my locked treo...very please with msafe.
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    hmm it works now. maybe be a bug from my (failed) attempts at upgrading the firmware. great app. thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThirdType
    ...I do love TreoHelper though because it can launch a SnapperMail fetch from SMS.
    How Is this accomplished? Is the fetch activiated by TreoHelper, or by Snapper on launch?

    Quote Originally Posted by ThirdType
    A few weeks ago I left my Treo in my car by accident as I picked up my mail (apartment). I realized it when I got to the mailbox and actually got excited that someone might steal it so I could SMS it.
    perhaps a little too excited about the feature
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    Yeah Im weird like that It was really my way of dealing with the fear of my precious being taken.

    TreoHelper gets the SMS and launches Snapper with a code that tells it to do a fetch. Do a search and you'll find some info.
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