I have a Treo 600, Sprint PCS Service, and use MMAIL SW to Sync with my Desktop SW (Lotus Notes). Here are my issues...pls comment if you have ways around this:

1) It's very difficult to type in phone numbers on the keypad without looking (ie- when driving, since the keypad is flat). I signed up for Sprint Voice calling (say a name, the phone dials). However, I have many phone numbers in my address book. Does anyone know how to create a phone file from the Treo address book and automatically "load" it into the Sprint Voice Calling web site so I dont have to enter hundreds of tel numbers?

2) The Sync SW I use (MMAIL from Commontime) had loaded my address book phone numbers "incorrectly". Where I work, the phone numbers are listed on a web site where they have the "outside line" and the internal calling "tie line" listed separated by a "/". Therefore, when I sync and the address book is update on the Treo, the tel number entered is the 10 digit outside line separated by a "/" from the internal tie line number.

For example.... when I use the address Book to look up Joe Smith and then hit the key to "call that number"....the phone attempts to dial a very long phone number made up of the outside number catenated to the internal number..... the messaging would be "dialing....914-234-5678 887 5678"...of course there are no dashes and spaces...just a 17 digit phone number. The only way this works is if I manually enter a new entry for Joe.....and just list his 10 digit phone number, which defeats the whole purpose of autoentry....

I know these are likely a unique problems , but has anyone worked around them WITHOUT a) manually typing phone numbers into Sprint Voice call db and b) manually typing in all address book entries which are autoloaded by MMAIL application??