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    Hey folks,

    Just wanted to report some odd behavior with the Ptunes update and wanted to see if anyone else has noticed this behavior too? I just updated a few days back and these things never happened before---

    (1) Strange audible fast forward behavior-- Treo is playing and all of a sudden it will sound like its fast forwarding for a couple of seconds and then will start playing normally again-- this has happened with the Treo in my pocket (with the screen off and therefore keyguard enabled) and in the car with the ProClip holder so I *KNOW* I didn't inadvertently hit any buttons-- very odd

    (2) Sluggish / no response when trying to advance to next song- When I bring up the screen and hit the D-pad to go to the next song, the Treo will slow down and the song will sound like a broken record. The Treo will never turn off and I have to get the old "Pin and Poke" trick to do a hard reset.

    This didn't happen on the previous version and "NO" I haven't installed anything else lately that may have contributed.

    Let me know if anybody else notices quirky behavior with 3.0.2. I have the DELUXE version, BTW.


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    Having the same problem here!!! Actually started with 3.0.1 and continues with 3.0.2... Did a full cleanup and reinstall and still nada... Hope that someone figures this one out soon - it's driving me nuts...

    Cheers, W.
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    I think I've narrowed it down to Volume Boost being enabled...wanderman, can you tell me if these problems happen to you with the Audio Boost being DISABLED?

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    Don't know? I have Version 2.3.4 w/ NO problems...and downloaded the updates (Ogg's and etc...)...even some Hot, Skins!...however send me the Key code (PTX.....) and I'll run some Tests for You! ...

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