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    As title, is there any good and free ones?

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    McPhling-- an excellent launcher and will also handle DA's. It is shareware costing $12, but there are no nag screens. It is well worth the money.
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    I recommend FlexButton beta 6. It has a lot of options and includes powerful versions of the good ol' LDA panel DAs called FxMenus. They can do things like open the command bar and emulate hard button presses, allowing me to launch macros from Macro Play with button combinations. I like its ability to map things to the Option+Button combinations. The beta is here, and is $10 on handango.

    I used to use McPhling but it has some issues. The most annoying one is when you tap outside of a DA to close it, the tap gets passed through to the underlying application. It also causes a bit of slowdown on the Treo. Lastly, some DAs would dissapear from the list once in a while.
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