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    Hi -- I have 3.0.2 trial of pTunes.

    I put a song from my Windows Mediaplayer v9
    over to it and the pTunes gui shows it is playing.
    However, my headphone plugged into the Treo
    600 doesn't show the song playing. I can't
    hear it.

    Volume is up.

    I don't get it. What am I doing wrong?


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    Is your ringer switch on? I think it has to be.
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    Are you using the earbud which came with your Treo?

    If so, it won't work. You need either an audio adapter to use with a set of regular stereo headphones or a 2-1 headset from Seidio.
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    It is.
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    "It is"

    Does that mean you are using the included ear bud? If yes, at least you know the problem.
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    I think "It is." means the ringer switch is on. I think "ArghhH!" means he's using the included earbud.
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    Yes -- the ringer switch *is* on and my included earbud produces no sound
    from ptunes (but does from a simple phone call, etc.)

    What rationale did they use for this apparent bizarre choice? Seems quite
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    its really annoying hey!

    the Nokia stereo headphones work perfectly tho...
    blue jean baby, LA lady
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    I don't think the Trial Plays the WMA's...I tried, it doesn't...I believe the Site shows that also...Sorry...However, I think they have new Plugins available for Version 2.3.4 Deluxe (Ogg and something else)...
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    Get a free converter! go to:

    or do a search for WMA to MP3 converter, you should find something FREE or even the Trials Work!

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