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    Hey, how can i save power/battery life? like how can i have that screen not go on and of during a call? let me know.

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    You definetly need to search.................

    There are several different applications that help save battery life in different ways.

    For turning off the screen during calls search for "Phoneguard" or "Sandman."

    There are also applications which help control the screen and keyboard lights as well. Search for "mlight"
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    And don't forget a really big way to save battery life... turning off wireless mode. Plenty of programs can turn the treo's radio on and off at specific times each day. Treo Helper is one really good one, and it's free.

    There's so many apps that can do things that might give you more battery life... besides those mentioned above you could use a profile program like Simple Profile Manager, or Profeo, or even something else like BrightCam. There are many options.

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