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    I have this program called Wireless Modem version 1.2.2 It is supposed to connect you via infared to the internet with your Laptop. I can't get it to work. Anyone here used it successfully yet?
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    What OS do you have on your laptop?
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    XP Pro.
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    You did not say what phone service you have. The following applies for T-Mo connection but could be use also for Sprint, etc. Please refer to\palm\wmodem for detail documentation.

    Please see if you could do the following:
    1. Make sure your HotSync manager is not checked for IR Sync option.
    2. Run your WirelessModem (WM) on your Treo
    3. Make sure your Network Preferences is set your service. I have T-Mobile VPN, so my network preference is set to that.
    4. On WM, Set the PDA Modem Port: to Wilreless Modem at speed 33.6K (you can change this later).
    5. On WM, Set the Laptop Connected Via: to Infrared at speed 33.6K (you can change this later).
    6. On WM, :menu: > Advance Setup > select Buffer Size at least 8,192 (you can change this later).
    7. Enable WM to Yes
    8. Line up your T600 IR with your PC IR
    9. Your laptop should recognize that there is an existing IR device and you will have an IR connection icon show on your system tray. Skip to step 15 if you have IR connection at this point.
    10. If that does not work, you will need to download the IrComm2K software from
    11. Download and install that software.
    12. In installalling the IR software, you need to create COM port definition. Try to see if you can pick any port between COM1 to COM4. Make sure that the port is not used or assigned to any other device.
    13. Install a modem, pick a generic modem preferably between 33.6K to 56K standard modem. (I use 33.6K modem)
    14. After installing your generic modem, go to step 7 again up to step 9.
    15. Once you have your IR Connection, you need to define a network connection by going to Add a Network Connection.
    16. From there, you need to create a new connection to your new modem and the specify the number to dial. GSM T-Mobile phones uses *99***1#. Sprint uses another number. Under the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) unselect the IP Header compression. Make sure you specify the modem to use is your new modem with the correct COM Port.
    17. Lunch your new connection and hit Connect. You will get a registration display panel and a network connection saying that you are connected at 9.6K connection.

    You can also connect via Treo serial cable. The difference is that you select 'ser2' for your Laptop Connected via option and you still have to define your serial modem like you did on the IR modem. That at least gets me 115K connection.

    The PDAnet is a lot simpler to use and intuitive to set up and you can use your USB cable to connect your laptop to your Treo. I use WM because I already purchased it and it works faster for me. Good Luck.
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    Thanks! I'll give it a try.

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