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    Newbie to your cool site here with a question on AOL 3.2.1.

    I've been using it for a few weeks now and was working just fine. Then yesterday I couldn't login to my master screen name any more. Has anybody else had the same experience? Fixes?

    Also, I'm concerned about the AIM client discussed here. What's the final word on this one? Good or bad?

    Thanks for your time.

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    Can you still logon to your master account on your PC?
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    Yes, everything works fine on my PC - including AIM.
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    This should not be a problem for you. I have T-Mobile too, with unlimited internet, I have not problem login in.

    The only exception would be when AOL servers are being updated which happens now and then.
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    I wish this wasn't an issue but it is. I've been trying since last night but still can't get in. Tried manually tapping in my password, still doesn't work. I already wrote AOL's PDASoftwareHelp. I hope they respond soon.
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    been using it since they had the server problem without any trouble logging in
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    been using it since they had the server problem without any trouble on sprint

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    Can one simultaneously log on AOL via PC and PDA (my Treo in this instance) using the same screen name? Just wondering.
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    Yes, you can if you are paying the full year plan.
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    Thanks everyone for their input so far. I hope AOL has a fix for this. Its very frustrating. And yes, I have reinstalled it but to no avail.
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    As per this discussion I'm afraid this is going to be a long, rough ride.
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    I just spoke with an AOL representative. Said there is a "systems problem" and that they're working on it.

    For everybody's future reference, that phone number is: (for PDA-related issues) 1 866 265 4732.
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    Yeah I'm having a problem signing in too, where it gets to "starting services" and then comes up with an error message saying "Failed to establish services".

    Quite possibly the worst $20 I have ever spent, as this program works like 1/2 of the time.
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    Absolutely no problems here! It's always been rock solid for me except for a couple of days a few months back when they had some issues that have since been resolved.
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    This is the "questionnaire" I got from AOL earlier:
    "Thank you for your recent email regarding the "Failed to establish connection" on your PDA. We are aware of this issue, and I assure you that we are working on resolving it as quickly as possible.

    I would like to request a little more information which will assist us in speeding up the process.

    When you are attempting to sign in to AOL on your PDA, are you also signed in to AOL on a PC (through AOL software directly, using AOL.COM, using AOL Communicator, using Auto AOL)?

    Is this affecting the primary master screen name (the first one created on the account)?

    Are you able to connect with other screen names?

    Are there any other screen names from your account online at the time?

    Are you able to download your email using Auto AOL?

    Are you able to sign on as a 'Guest'?

    Does you password contain ANY characters other then letters and numbers?

    Does it contain any capital letters?

    Who is your cell phone provider?

    Did you recieve an update to the Palm OS right before this started happening?

    I would highly appreciate if you were able to answer these questions to the best of your ability, as it will help with correcting the problems.

    One thing you may do while we are fixing this issue it to visit AOL Keyword: IMAP. There are instructions that will explain how to set up third-party email applications to access your AOL email.


    The PDASoftwareHelp @ Team"

    The saga continues....
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    I received this follow up email yesterday:

    "Thank you for your reply. I have forwarded the information to the network techs to look into this. The problem you are experiencing is intermittent, so it may actually allow you to start signing on later today or tomorrow, or it may not work until we can figure out the problem."
    I was finally able to log on to AOL 3.2.1 on my Treo tonight. I hope this technical glitch is over. Thanks to "Nicole", et al over at AOL PDAHelp.


    Posted for future reference. Thanks to TreoCentral and its citizens for the space/comments.
    May All Beings Be At Peace.

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