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    Hi folks,

    Do there exist any free (or one-time-payment-only) AIM-compatible IM clients for the Treo 600?

    AOL for Treo seems to require a full-fledged AOL account, which I don't have or want. AIM for Palm disclaims that it won't work with OS5 (and therefore with the Treo). Is there anything else? This seems to be an obvious application for someone to write.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Yes, try searching the boards. Look for "Chatter" and "Verichat."
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    I have both Chatter and Verichat. They both provide IM capability. Chatter provides IM and IMAP push mail. IMHO Chatter far exceeds Verichat and it does not require an annual fee. Ben
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    As far as I am aware, neither Verichat or Chatter interface directly with the AOL servers, so you have an extra layer of unreliability (as if AOL isn't enough to be worrying about).

    I have been spoiled with free clients on Windows and X-windows that connect directly to rather than use their own server as a go-between.

    I have yet to find a fully fledged AIM replacement for the phone. I can't imagine that it is that hard to develop (but then again I know nothing about application development for the treo).

    In the mean time I'm going to just use the web AIM that is available from the Sprint PCS menu. It works and it's free.

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    Yes, but you have to take into account that the requirements for an IM solution on a smartphone are way different than on a desktop system. Verichat is the best thing going for IM on the Treo.
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    AIM 1.2 works just fine on my Treo 600. It's a one time fee for the program. It doesn't do background operation like Verichat or Chatter though, but I use it in conjunction with the IM forwarding (to SMS) feature at
    I also use Verichat. IMO it's the best allowing background operation as well as tying in the 4 major IM services. Yahoo is permanently broken on chatter.
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    What version of Chatter are you running? It is working on mine like a champ.

    The user interface is different between Chatter and Verichat. Chatter works through tcpip and Verichat thru SMS and tcpip. The tcpip is faster and more reliable than SMS. I have both and it is rare thta I use Verichat. In fact, the registration expires tomorrow and I am not renewing it. Ben
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    Yahoo is NOT broken on Chatter. I use it everyday. Chatter is the BEST IM client available. Easy to set up and use and the bonus is the email capability. Check it out.
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    What Llynx does not mention though is that the mail capability is limited to IMAP - great for many of us wanting its variety, though not a plus for those using POP. Ben
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    Quote Originally Posted by Llynx
    Yahoo is NOT broken on Chatter. I use it everyday. Chatter is the BEST IM client available. Easy to set up and use and the bonus is the email capability. Check it out.
    I'd love to try it but new customers can't get a registration!

    I ONLY use Yahoo (outside of my company's IM) so I'd like a simple background program using only data. It sounds like some developer could make out by filling this void.
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    That's a temporary thing as Mark readies for release of the new and improved Chatter program. Improved substantially that it has been renamed to Chatter Email. Ben

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