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    Hi all. Apologies in advance if this is a dumb question.

    I am looking for a replacement headset for my treo. I want it to have a boom and also a answer/hang up button like the one that comes with the treo.

    I went to a local electronics store and they had a HUGE selection...but only two that were both marked "works with treo" and had a button...and those were both earbud ones like handspring's. There were boom types that looked like what I wanted, but the salesman warned me that they'd only work with Nokia (and they were marked "compatible with Nokia models xxx and yyy" on the box). There were generic ones that "fit most types of cell phone" but didn't have a button.

    So: the question is: is the button some special thing, or is a nokia one also going to work for me, or is the handspring button-handling just like some other phones', I out of luck?

    Thanks for any clarification or advice you can give me,
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    I tried a Verizon earbud type that came with the Verizon branded LG phone and it works for my Treo. The button works as well so I can answer the phone by pressing the button.

    Then again, it is hard to compare. You can only try it.
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    I think you should be able to use anything that comes with a 2.5mm jack. Plantronics, for example, makes a ton of headets including those with booms and answer buttons with both over the ear and crimp holders like the one below:

    They show it on their web site for $44.95 but I have seen it retail for as little as $24.95

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