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    I am having a problem with Alarms using WorldMate. I installed WorldMate - it seems to be a great App, most everything apears to work well. However, when I set up an Alarm I have experienced a problem. It usually works fine, but, if I get an Alert (ie - someone sends a text message) that I do not acknowledge (ie if I am asleep); then the Alarm will not sound. It seems the Alert is waiting to be acknowledged and this somehow blocks the Alarm from sounding. However, if I do NOT have any Alerts pending at the time of the Alarm, then the Alarm will work fine. Has anyone experienced this? or do you have any suggestions? Thanks.
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    I got the following very unsatisfactory reply from MobiMate (see message). They suggest the problem is with the Treo and yet they may have a fix in the next version. MobiMate does not acknowledgement that they know what the problem is, and I have little expectation they will do anything about it.

    Any help from this forum would be greatly appreciated. For example is there a way to turn Alerts off without affecting the Alarm on MobiMate? This way every evening I could turn the Alerts off and still have the Alarm on MobiMate work. In the morning I could then turn the Alerts back on.

    Again thanks for any help…

    ----- Reply from MobiMate ------------------------------------
    Dear Mate

    Thanks for the input, we were not aware of this problem on the Treo 600, we
    will look into this and we'll do our best to have this fixed by the next

    Mobimate Customer Support.

    Please visit us at :
    --------- End Reply from MobiMate ------------------------------

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