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    Does anyone have any info on what data network will be supported by the Treo 610/ACE for GSM? Will it be just GPRS or will it support EDGE? Currently I am a GSM user but if the GSM Treo 610/ACE does not support EDGE will switch to CDMA. Willing to wait (untill inital GSM release) for EDGE enabled Treo 610/ACE. I realize most of the readers of this board are CDMA (Sprint) users and that it is the fastest network at present (please no flames). Thanks!
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    I've seen no indication that it will be anything other than GPRS which is really too bad.
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    How is your data speed? I use e-mail a lot and will be moving into the field and course faster is better.
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    issue discussed previously here:

    an ACE without UMTS is possible, but it will be a joke without it. to not include EDGE in the ACE, however, is inconceivable.

    with GPRS i can stream music via shoutcast up to 32 kbps. using bmeter i consistently get ping speeds on avg of around 56 kbps in the bay area.
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    GPRS speed does not sound to bad. I would have to agree with your position on all points but I feel it would be early for Palm to have a Treo with UMTS (but I can not wait for it). You never know they might just come out with UMTS/EDGE/GPRS unit. However I would just settle for EDGE and Bluetooth NOW in the current form factor. Thanks for the input.
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    I know our friend is adamant about a WCDMA enabled handset, but I won't bank on it until late least with regard to WCDMA 1900, honestly. No EDGE would be a major fault
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    i hope there is EDGE...EGPRS is key

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