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    Does anyone know if there is a utility to enable phone service automatically after the Treo 600 does a soft reset?

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    It's obviously more than you are looking for but Lightwav has an option for this.
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    Treohelper does this for free, but there are several others too.
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    I am using Radio Control 1.1 written by Chris Hobbs. It does exactly what you need, and in addition allows for scheduling radio on and off times. Go to:
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    Beware of what you wish for with this. The Treo itself has turn on wireless mode after an automatic reset but it only does so once. If the crash occurs again soon after, the second reset will not turn on wireless mode.

    If you happened to have a piece of software that crashed the phone application installed and you also had a piece of software that auto-enabled the radio on manual reset, you might get into a loop. The only way out would probably be to use a warm reset or in the worst case, use a hard or battery reset.
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    i used to use treo on/off (freeware from mytreo)

    but when i saw lightwav had that function i just use lightwav

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