I'm trying to set up Treo Helper to automatically disconnect my network connection if I forget, but it doesn't appear to work very consistantly. Sometimes it will turn off (at an apparently random time unrelated to the times I've set) and sometimes seems to not turn it off at all. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Also, the green and gray GetPhoneCallStatus() values for green and gray arrows are reversed (!!) on my Treo600 from what was listed in the readme:
GetPhoneCallStatus() is a bitmap which shows what type of calls are
active. It can be a mixture of these bits:
0x00000001 voice line1
0x00000002 voice line2
0x00000004 data
0x00000008 GPRS/CDMA(grey)
0x00000010 CDMA(green)
That is, the grey arrows were 10 and the green were 8. I figured that just meant the pick boxes would be reverse, but that doesn't appear to hold true either, even with both set to 30 seconds.

I installed TreoHelper by copying it to my palm from an SD card I use for file transfer; so its running off the Palm internal memory, and not the SD card, which I know would cause problems.