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Ok, now you have my attention. I have the same problem, company uses Exchange in the office and we have no IMAP port or POP access into Exchange server. In your post you mentioned leaving the laptop online at the office connected to the network and still getting your email on it via the Treo. How does this process work? If I leave my laptop at my office connected to our intercompany LAN getting my email, now can I access my laptop on my desk with my Treo to get my email?
As you may have figured out from some of the other posts, there are programs out there called 'redirectors' that sit on your connected PC and redirect mail from Exchange over to your Treo. I'm not sure which carrier or network you're on, but some of the programs are offered by Sprint (Business Connection), Visto (MessagExpress), and others. The key is these programs depend on a connected PC to be linked in to Exchange. Some of the others posting in this thread have glommed onto some old clunker PC to act as the redirecting PC - that may or may not work for you. In my case, I was able to leave my laptop connected at the office (home office really), connected to the company VPN.
Search in these forums for 'mail redirector', or 'Exchange', or Visto, or any combination of all of them and you'll be busy the rest of the day getting to know all your options.

Good luck!!