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    I am in the process of setting up a new PC. How do I go about moving all my Hotsync stuff from my old PC to the new one? I am using Outlook on both PC's. Thanks.
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    Install the Palm Desktop on the new computer and set the hotsync conduits to "handheld overwrites desktop". Just make sure that you install all the required software on the new computer (i.e., avantgo, vindigo, quickoffice, etc.).
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    I know this is an old problem, but I want to use one Treo with 2 PCs.
    When I install the Treo software on my second Windows 2000 PC, I have to log on as administrator.
    When I later log on as a user, the palm desktop and hotsync are not present, and hotsync, of course, doesn't work.

    Anyone have the solution?


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