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    So I got my 'unlocked' Treo 600 on ebay, because of Palmone's obnoxious shipping restrictions. (I live in Italy, and they won't ship it to me or my Military address) Anyway, it has been unlocked somehow. No doubt there is some legal issue here that I'm not fully aware of at this time, but my real question is this; Can I upgrade the firmware with the unlocked version of the firmware or should I look for the version that goes with the orignal carrier (cingular), and then try to unlock it again ? Anyone else have any experince with this ?
    Also, what are the odds of rendering my phone totally useless during the firmware upgrade ?

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    You WILL be able to upgrade but only to a patched version...otherwise you will have to use an Original SIM from Cing....and that means International Roamming charges whilst in IT !
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    So where would I find a patched version, and is there a downside to that ?
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    scottknauss, you can upgrade the firmware, prolly cingular is your best choice - although you can pick your choice of FW using tokenwriter to fool the FW upgrade into thinking your phone matches the upgrade. Once you upgrade, the chances are your phone will be locked. Then seek information on how to unlock again, your best starting point is the guys over at, they have a zip file you might be interested in.

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