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    none of my aim buddies are showing up on my chatter works fine but none of my aim buddies are shown. i've had a few im me so i know they're online....anyone else have this problem today?
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    Try "Update All Contacts", perhaps, and "Reregister All Services"

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    hi marc, i tried updating and re-registering the servers..i even hard resetted, i deleted people and added them back but no luck. any other ideas?
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    Mine quit working today, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcuslf
    Mine quit working today, too.
    it's just your aim buddies right? i deleted and reinstalled chatter but that didn't help either..something that temporarily worked was i had someone im me, then i moved his sn to contact..and it stayed there..but then when i reset it was gone again.
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    yeah, aim contact presence seems to be screwed up at the moment. You can send and receive IMs still... it's just a bit difficult to tell whos online. I've heard of one other instance recently where other jabber clients have had trouble with AIM presence, so I suspect it's really a jabber problem. I also tried an older version of Chatter, and still had AIM presence difficulties.
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    I read on the naim mailing list that there was a 'software regression' on the AIM servers that has caused this problem. Hopefully the software on the AIM servers will be fixed by Tuesday or so.
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    Will Chatter ever work with Yahoo messenger soon?

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