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    I use the built in email application that came with the firmware upgrade to check my email. Everything works perfectly except for the fact each account has it's own set of folders. Am I missing something obvious or is it possible to download messages from all my accounts into 1 inbox ?


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    NOt to my knowlege. Snapper mail can do that.
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    Yeah - that's what I figured but I don't want to spend the cash just for that feature. Shame - maybe it'll change after the next firmware update.
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    there has been at least three firmware updates (Sprint CDMA) and it still has the original issue with the data file getting gigger and bigger untill it eats all your memory. But if you don;t send and recieve a bunch if huge emails like I do, then it would take a while. Mine was about 6M when I found the iussue. I got sick of deleteing the account to erase it, and start again, so I went w/ Snappermail.
    Shame, the OE clinet was neat IMHO

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