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    need help with setting up internet with bluetooth and Internet using XP?

    what are the settings on the laptop and can't get it work
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    Here we go again, someone with ONE post talking about bluetooth... Help him out now by talking about the new ACE that is coming out so he can tell us HIS Sprint rep told him it would grill steaks it is so cool and will be out in April of 2004.

    Where do these people come from?
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    This is in the treo 90 forum?!? Maybe this guy is just confused. I know there are sprint reps that tell people that the treo 600 has bluetooth. I talked to one. If this happened to you quickone, sorry no bluetooth for you!
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    no this is a 90 not the 600 just got it off ebay and trying to set up the internet connect for it
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    Quote Originally Posted by quickone
    no this is a 90 not the 600 just got it off ebay and trying to set up the internet connect for it
    no bluetooth
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    yes i have a bluetooth card..
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    Quote Originally Posted by quickone
    yes i have a bluetooth card..
    not for the treo 90 you don't
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    Dutch, this is someone that is just trying to get our goats. I don't have sheep or cattle enough for this jokester let alone goats.
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    well if you read some of the other post here there is a bluetooth card for the treo 90 and yes I do have one...(working now). its the palm card. I AM WIRELESS NOW!!!! wha hoo.........
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    I had to bridge my network connections together to get it to work... couldn't get the shared connection to work on the XP
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    been here a long time, but news to me. I stand corrected.
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    ok so lets see a photo of this thing
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    do you have a treo 90? if so just look at it.... what's a pic going to show you

    here is a link to pic of a bluetooth card just like I got off ebay

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    No Photo Needed. quickone is CORRECT!!!
    A friend of mine has a 90 and he bought a Palm BT card off eBay and now sync's wirelessly to his G4 PowerBook (which has build in BT).
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    So how come no one has created one for the Treo 600 yet. A far superior device and I would think a growing number of people who own it, probably more thn the Treo 90,180,270,300.

    Come on where is the bluetooth or where is the wireless.
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    See, you learn something new everyday!!....
    Now that ya'll just ripped into this guy!
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    I guess gayrod doesn't have the courtesy or upbringing to apologize to quickone
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    I am with ANcient One, why are Bluetooth drivers not available for the other Treos and are for the 90? Something smells here...
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