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    Anyone know which headset I can buy in order to listen to itunes on my treo 600 (without the sound still coming out of the treo speaker) ?

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    You have a few choices:

    #1 Purchase an audio adapter like this one and use it with any set of stereo headphones, like ones for a walkman.

    #2 Purchase a set of headphones that have the audio adapter built in. Check out some at (they also sell the adapters only.)

    This one allows you to use the headset for phone calls as well as Mp3s.

    And it's Pocket Tunes not iTunes iTunes is for the iPod.
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    You might want to check the threads on the seido stuff. Especially the adapter that will let you use any regular headphones you like and answer the phone if it rings.
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    thanks for that...yeah pocket tunes (lol)

    i think my head was brainwashed from all the ipod advertising
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    Nice piccie - TreoCentral community welcomes the beautiful into its midst.
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    thank you

    great forum btw I think I'm going to be a regular

    can anyone help me with my webcam question btw ?
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    couple responses there now in that thread..and sorry to hear about your cat
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    yeah damn unidentified flying objects, happens all the time down here in Aussie

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