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    Does anyone know of a way to sync the Palm datebook with a file in the iCalendar format (RFC2445)? I don't want to go the Outlook route, although I think that is supposed to be able to handle the iCalendar format.

    I suppose I could try to use Outlook, but it is such a crazy monster to use. I have tried syncing my Palm Pilot way back and it wasn't pretty... I suppose things have changed since then.

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    Well, I just tried Outlook and it doesn't appear to do what I want. It will "export" to iCalendar format, but it won't automatically publish to that format.

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    Anyone out there in webland know of a solution to synch iCalendar (RFC2445) with Palm's datebook over the net? i.e., like synching to a calendar on an Exchange server, but to an iCalendar account instead?

    If I want to be able to synch my Treo's calendar to a server anywhere I go (i.e., away from my laptop), is MS Exchange the only option? Not getting much love from Google on this topic.
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