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    I have a Sprint Treo 300 and am looking for a way to upload to my T300 phone

    how do i do that ?

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    You need a ringtone manager and you need a MIDI ringtone in PDB format.

    For a ringtone manager, there is Ringo and TC Ringer. TC Ringer has better compatibility with the Treo 300, but Ringo can do more. (I would recommend TC Ringer because of some of the problems Ringo has).

    Note that the Treo 300 uses different ringtone hardware from the Treo 180/270, the manager has to specifically support the Treo 300. The 300 can also use polyphonic MIDI files, whereas the 180/270 had to be monophonic.

    For more info: Treo Central Ringtone Managers and TC Ringer for Treo 300.

    For getting the MIDI file into a PDB file, there used to be a free utility on TreoCentral, but I see it's gone now. However, this looks like it will do the job: Mider for HoHo.

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