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    I am inundated with ringtones of Super Mario Bros., Tetris, and the A-Team. Those are all superb. But where can I find rintones that actually sounds like a phone ringing?

    Some examples of what I am looking for could be: European phone sounds; American phone sounds; business phone sounds; pay-phone phone sounds; or just anything that sounds like a phone (short "ring-ring-ring" type things).

    Can anyone help with a URL? I just can't seem to get out of Top-40/Pop song ringtone land!?!?

    Free would be preferable, but if someone knew of a collection of phone sounds, I would probably buy it in a second.
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    Do a search on this board for "old fashioned".
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    yah i have been looking for ring tones that sound like a ring for ages. i couldn't believe the only midi ring tone that came with the t600 that sounded like a ringtone sounded like an old fashioned rotary phone ring!

    i just use the ring tone from the tv show 24's CTU office

    but i am getting bored of it now big time
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    Checkout the non-music ringtones at Treobits (link in sig).
  5. #5 has a great collection of normal ringtones. The only catch is the membership which is not expensive but gives you access to all kinds of ringtones, wallpaper, games, and some simple applications.
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    what does a real phone sound like when it rings...i can't remember
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    You really have to hunt for the "normal" ringtones. Every ringtone Web site is flooded with the music kind.
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    Looks like Treobits has the best collection all in one place. I am satiated for now.
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    *nvm* thx for treobits link
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    why do ringtones that sound so good on my computer (midi tones) sound so crappy on my Treo 600? I just installed the Farzon analog rintone. SOUnds awesome on my desktop...but on my treo 600 it sounds worthless. Am I doing something wrong?

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