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    Quote Originally Posted by npjacoby
    I'm a new treo owner and have downloaded aol 3.2.1...It seems to work great but I have a few questions...I'd really appreciate any info either here or to my email:

    1. What is autoaol?

    a function that will allow you to retrieve mail and put it into the saved mail folder, not quite what I was looking for.

    2. and can I just leave my treo on and the aol on...and expect to see all new emails?

    you could probably leave the aol on, but then your phone would never ring for an incoming call, and you would still need to click on mailbox

    3. ..and how can I make it signal me with a tone when an email comes in?

    you cannot, you must sign on and then click on mailbox

    4. how do you sign off of aol when I'm on the treo? ..If I just turn off the wireless connection then I get a message that aol was disconnected in an abnormal way.

    all you need to do is click the sign off box

    2. when I delete something on the can it show on my home desktop computer deleted also...In otherwords how do I keep the two aol mailboxes exactly the same?

    when you delete on the treo it is actually being deleted from aols server. The mail will still show up in your "old mail" folder. If I look at any important mail on the treo, I tend to not delete it, because I also use a pc in the office and a laptop on the road, and both of them are set to auto save the mail on the computers hard drive (and now on the aol server (cool new option), so I will always have permanent access to important mail

    thank you all
    I also wanted to say that I was sorry that this thread turned into a place where people could go to get vulgar wav files.

    I would like to pass along that I have downloaded versamail, and it seems to have been the program I am looking for. I now have to read in depth the instructions that came with it, so I can set it up to check my emails every 30 minutes and give me a notification that "I've got mail", which is not optimally what I wanted, but I guess the only way to do that would be to not use the phone, as the program would need to be on at all times. Not an option, so this will have to do
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    Also, thanks Joe, I went to the thread you mentioned, and have learned some new information, that what would be great would be to receive an sms message to the phone when I have a new email on aol, something folks are referring to as a true push/pull system, but I am sorry to say, it is just a bit above what I could do. Maybe it would be easier to ask the folks at aol for an option to notify me via sms when I have a new mail, what do you think?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hofo_mofo
    Wav Formats!
    Thanks! My Treo cursing at me makes me giggle.
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    im glad i could help
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