May be I am doing something wrong but i can't download Word or Excell files with Blazer from sites that I am visiting.

Palmone support had the following to say
You can download other file types with the help of third-party software. For example, if you install Documents To Go from DataViz, you will be able to download .doc (Microsoft Word) and .xls (Microsoft Excel) filetypes, and open them directly in Documents To Go on your Treo.

However I DO have Docs to Go installed which I use constantly to edit documents and spreadsheets. I tried out Webpro and it does allow me to download and save word/excell files which I can later open using docs to go.
Is there some preference setting either in Blazer or Docs to go or System prefs that I need to do to inform Blazer that it is quite OK to download word/excell docs. To be sure I have looked everywhere for such a setting but not found any. But perhaps I have missed something.

Any help will be much appreciated.