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    a few weeks ago my MMS connection stopped working. Everything on the phone looks OK but when trying to send I get an error message (unable to contact server). Just wondering if it might be the ROM upgrade. Anyone else had thios problem? Or better still, know a solution?
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    Have you received any MMS since you did the upgrade, or can you not send or receive? I never had any problems after the f/w upgrade. (Also on T-Mo.)
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    I can't explain it but for some reason if my phone reboots and If i do not go to prefs, network, and connect to tzones and then disconnect I can not get MMS. I get MMS connection errors. I have the automatic settings in my MMS connection properties. Its just weird.
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    I have same problem. I got error message. It been got message since 4 months. When someone sent me a message that got over 160 characters then go to MMS. I got error message. I not able to see body message.

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