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    Just an FYI.

    Pocket Tunes version 3.02 was released today.

    3.0.2 (8/11/04) - Bug fixes.

    Pocket Tunes Deluxe

    Pocket Tunes
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    New release of BackupMan too
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    Thanks for the tip on Backupman. I love this puppy

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    what is backupman????
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    Quote Originally Posted by nelsito
    what is backupman????
    BackupMan has been designed to be an intuitive, easy to use solution enabling "set it and forget it" backups of your handheld. By leveraging its powerful feature set you can ensure you always have a recent copy of your data at hand in the event of an accidental deletion, errant program crashing, or even a complete hard reset of your handheld.

    Back Up Man
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    BackupMan is probably the best application for backing main memory to an external card. It backups everthing (except ROM) to the SD card and also lets you select the number of archives to maintain on the SD card. Hard reset? Loose everything? if you backed it up with BackupMan, then you can restore from the latest backup. Ben

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