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    Seidio is announcing the release of its Foldable USB Cradle for Treo 600. This foldable USB cradle allows you to synchronize and charge your Treo 600 with any USB-enabled computer. This sleek silver cradle also provides easy and convenient desktop access and display. The angle of the cradle may be adjusted to preference for optimal readability.

    This cradle is easy to use. Simply connect it to any laptop or desktop PC and it is ready to sync and charge your Treo. The cradle can also be charged by connecting to other USB ports such as a car or travel adaptor.

    Foldable and lightweight, it is the perfect travel companion!

    For more information about this product, visit:
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    now THAT is a pretty neat idea..
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    This is interesting, and it charges too. mmmmm
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    I'll stick to my USB charging/sync cable for $6.95 for now but if you could come up with one of these to also charge my iPod I would buy one in a hearbeat. My igo tip for the Treo awaits me when I return home and I will then have all my chargers in one.
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    While you're at it, why not release the car kit as well?
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    Looks a lot like the product from eXpansys... except yours is silver... no, wait... your picture is of a black cradle... just like theirs... so are you announcing the release of "your" folding cradle, or a product that you are reselling?
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    Hi Dudemasicus,

    Our cradle for Treo 600 is silver. Seidio has been selling the foldable cradle for Treo 300/270/180 (except it is black) and many other PDAs for more than a year. The picture on the announcement will be changed into silver today.

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    iiiiiii like it!!!!! im buying it!!! even if they didnt use tape in the dezign

    before i pay for this thing...ARE U COMING OUT WITH ONE THAT HAS A RETRACTABLE CORD??????

    good work people (but please use more tape in future products)!
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    ohio state SUCKS!! & michigan state will never measure up!
    p.s. lakers SUCK too!! GO PISTONS!!
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    As have many others... doesn't explain why you say it's silver, but post the black picture of another company's product.

    I also find it interesting that your response took mere hours on this topic, but when talking about unfullfilled orders you remain mute for weeks....
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    And I just ordered 2 PalmOne cadles off ebay too.
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    I could never figure out why the packaged T600 cradle didn't charge as this one does. Perhaps I'll go for it. My OEM cradle is hooked up to the PC without power cord and the power cord is on my nightstand.
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    When are we going to see a cradle that lets me use the headset adapter for music listening as well as the nice cradle?
    The $100 version is just to high priced....
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    Why no headphone connection? This must have been in the works for a little while now and that's been a big request.
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    I think this foldable cradle is pretty slick. But like others mentioned, I wished it had a headphone jack on the cradle for us users who would like to listen to music or talk on the phone via headset (while on the cradle).
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    What I need. For the hearing impaied WHAT I NEED

    I've got Cradle issues
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    are you on drugs?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by ido
    are you on drugs?????
    The Treo 600 is a superb device.
    A cradle shouldn't diminish this elegant design.
    A cradle should support all Treo 600 functions and add additional benefits.

    OBTW - The Treo's 4.2 Volt Li-Ion Battery uses a charging circuit that requires a minimum of 4.7 Volts input to the Treo. Less will not support the required Constant Voltage charge algorithm. Many computer USB ports do not output sufficient voltage - resulting in poor battery function, never reaching a fully charged level - indicated by the power LED changing from RED to GREEN.

    Voltage drop is frequently a major design flaw - this is why the Handspring OEM USB Charge / Sync Cable is only 24" long.

    Connector design and construction are also fundamental causes for failure of USB-based charging.

    To answer your question:
    • ~ 2 cups of Coffee / day - Caffeine
    • ~ 1 beer / day - Alcohol
    • An occasional Cigar - Nicotine
    • Occasional nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory
      • acetaminophen
      • acetylsalicylic acid
      • ibuprofen
    Why do you ask?
    • Are you pushing?
    • Seeking a source?
    • Suggesting a 12 step program?
    • Calling for an intervention?
    • Looking for a buddy to share drug experience with?
    • Just rude and off-topic?
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    OK, that may have been the greatest answer to the question "Are you on drugs?" that has ever been espoused. Arc, I am saving that one to the "Archives of Greatness"...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArcBody
    What I need. For the hearing impaied WHAT I NEED

    I've got Cradle issues
    Actually, I was raising a literary eyebrow at the above quoted post.
    Although no offense was meant, I can see how my post might have been misinterpreted.
    Please accept my apologies.
    Yes and no.
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    Has anyone modified this travle cradle to allow for an external headset to be used?

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