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    I am having a problem with the default email client on my Treo.
    If I delete and email from the "Inbox", the system does automatically does a re-boot. I can delete from any of the other folders - sent, files, deleted, without a problem.

    When the system checks email, the system signs on to the email server, but when it goes to D/L, the system again automatically re-sets itself.

    In addition if I delete a message, once the system returns from the reboot, the message has been removed howver, and the bottom of the inbox list, there is a growing list of emails with <NO TO> listing and the date lists as 1-1. These messages cannot even be opened without the system automatically rebooting.

    Lastly the inbox shows there are exactly 1024 messages. This is a bit suspicious as this is exacty 1 byte.

    So...I am guessing that me email database is corrupt.

    How do I remove this from the system ?
    I applied a firmware a update, which was the same as a hard reset, but when I re-synched, the email database re-appeared.

    Can some tell me how to remove the email data base ?
    and then when I restart, prevent it from getting re-sent to the Treo ?
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    I have the exact same problem. did you ever find a solution?
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    I would do a hard re-set on the Treo and then re-synch. I would think this should solve it.
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    I have the same problem. Everytime I check my email my TREO does a reset.

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