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    I currently have a 16MB Visor Pro loaded with 3rd party apps (DateBook 5, Wordsmith, pocket Quicken, Avantgo, Vindigo, Quickoffice, etc.) and hacks. I use BackupBuddy when I hotsync to backup everything on my computer.

    Question: When I get my new Treo, is there a shortcut for loading all of these apps and whatnot or do I need to re-install all from scratch? Also, many of these software programs are set to unlock with my current device username. Do I need to give my Treo the same username in order for those programs to work correctly?

    Thank you. If this has already been covered in another thread or in some other resource, I would appreciate a link.

    David Raflo
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    Hello David,

    Kevin from palmOne here. I just wanted to point you towards the solution page for this question on our Support Knowledge Library. I hope you find it helpful.

    Simply go to

    And type in the following solution ID

    Solution ID: 28455
    How To: Upgrade from a Visor or Treo 90 to a Treo 600

    Best wishes,
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    Kevin Michaels
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    Thank you, Kevin. This looks like just what I need. My use of BackupBuddy doesn't complicate this, does it?

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